About Us

Loan Against Boat North West

Pawn Your Boat For Cash, In Your Bank Today!

Loan Against Boat North West has a long history in the pawn industry providing financial services to a wide range of clients. Our services are designed to match the oldest form of pawn broking which is over 3000 years old.

Our services are offered to individuals and businesses alike. No matter what amount of money you need, if your boat is worth it, we will provide you with the money you need.

Why Pawn Your Boat And Not Sell

While you may have thought of selling your boat for the cash you in desperate need of, working with us at Loan Against Boat North West will ensure that you will get the following benefits:

  • Cash Between £100 000 – £1 000 000
  • Fast Short Term Loans
  • Use A Boat You Already Own
  • Keep Your Boat In Safe Hands

Loan Against Boat North West was founded with the purpose of using the latest technologies in order to be able to serve our clients professionally as a high paying money-lender, providing a simple, confidential way for you to pawn your boat and get better loans by ensuring you.

  • Are The Owner Of The Boat
  • Have All Boat Documents
  • Boat Is In Working Condition
  • Have Proof of Monthly Income

Loan Against Boat North West does not investigate your financial status by checking your credit record, we are concerned about your ability to make monthly repayments.

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If you are looking for high paying short term loans, get in touch with Loan Against Boat North West today! We have the skills, experience and technologies to ensure that you get the most from your loan.