Pawn Boat North West

Pawn Boat North West

At Pawn Boat North West we offer you cash when you need it the most. We know that times can be tough, as a company we have went through terrible moments when dealing with clients who could not resist telling us their reasons for needing a loan, sometimes it can be for a vacation, sometimes the stories can be really saddening. 

No, we don’t mean that we are buying your Boat, it’s a loan against your Boat and no we do not provide loans for you to get a Boat, Pawn Boat North West specializes in providing loans against yachts in different classes such as:

Here is a list of some of the yachts we provided loans against:

  • Loan Against Boat
  • Pawn Boat
  • Loan against boat title
  • Secured loan against boat or yacht
  • loan against jet ski
  • Pawn my Yacht
  • Lend against boat
  • Logbook Loans
  • Log Book Loan

At Pawn Boat North West we store all yachts in highly secured, CCTV monitored facility with armed security personal accompanied by trained police dogs. Your yachts are safe with us and you can rest assured once you have finished your repayments you will get your Boat in the same condition as you gave it to us.

Pawn Boat North West payments only take 30 minutes to get into your bank account.

Unfortunately we do not give our clients cash no matter how small the amount requested is, thou you can be happy to know that we have close ties with many banks, and once the loan against your Boat has been approved your payment will be received in just 30 Minutes!

Pawn Boat North West takes the pain out of getting a loan against your Boat, we make sure the whole process is super-efficient from start to finish. While other lenders can take hours or even days, Pawn Boat North West only takes a few minutes of your time.

Pawn Boat North West offers the best deals against your Boat, learn more about us.

Best Pawn Boat North West

Get up to 120% of the cash against the market value of your Boat when you apply for a loan against your Boat at Pawn Boat North West. If you can receive a better quote, please let us know because we are aimed it becoming the best lenders in the entire city of Johannesburg.

Applications Pawn Boat North West

Easy Applications:

  • Proof Of Vehicle Ownership
  • Certified Copies and Original Identity Documents
  • 3 Months Latest Bank Statements

That’s it, brings the above to use, or apply and we will let you know within less than 30 Minutes if you are approved or not.

Pawn Boat North West has the experience needed to ensure every clients gets the loan that they will be able to payback without causing high blood pressure, get rid of your financial stress and call us today for a loan against your Boat.